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Fleur Seule

Fleur Seule Returns to Birdland Jazz Club:

Birdland Front Shot

“Allyson Briggs and her class act band, “Fleur Seule,” were simply a “Wow!” in their debut engagement at “Birdland” on Thursday night! Michael Feinstein and other music scene folks in the know have already discovered that young Miss Briggs is the most glamorous and beautiful “Lady of Jazz” today! It’s as if Peggy Lee and Rosemary Clooney and a whole host of those truly great women purveyors of “Swing” from days gone by had decided to reincarnate all at once into a single new body and soul!  But do not let Allyson’s Lady-like charms deceive you…because when she turns around to conduct her team of ultra talented male musicians, she is a sure-footed and hard-nosed professional, who demands that the music be just like she looks…and that is…perfect!!! And that’s jazz for a whole new generation, Baby!!!

– Charles Michel, The Winning Voice


Sing Me a Swing Song – Fleur Seule