Salsa Party at La Marqueta with the Fleur Seule Latin Big Band 8/31!

La Marqueta Salsa Party SATURDAY 8/31

1590 Park Ave, New York, NY at 112th Street and Park Avenue.

Join the Fleur Seule Latin Big Band at La Marqueta for a Saturday Salsa Party! We’ll be enjoying the outdoors in this historical place to gather with friends and enjoy a wide variety of foods, cultures, and music coming together. The band is under the train, so we play rain or shine. If you are driving, it is recommended you arrive early to find parking, this party is popular! If you love SALSA MUSIC and SALSA DANCING, this is the place to be!

Live Music 2:30-4:30pm

Comfortable attire suggested.

DJ plays from 12-6pm


Please note: When using Google Maps, it takes you to the former location on 115th St. We will actually be on 112th St, follow the sound of the music!

Photo by Manonce Manonce

Photo by Manonce Manonce

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