Jazz Band NYC

If you are looking for a Jazz Band in NYC, then Fleur Seule has got you covered! With their glamorous attire and swinging sounds in 7 languages, there is a song for everyone to enjoy. Fleur Seule Jazz Band performs at top venues in NYC, from Birdland Jazz Club, to the Pierre Hotel, to the Rainbow Room, they have shown to audiences from around the world, that this music is timeless and always enjoyable.

Fleur Seule is considered one of the top jazz bands in NYC by wedding planners, event coordinators, and venue owners for their high level of talent and professionalism. They regularly perform at Tavern on the Green in Central Park, with dancers rising from their tables for their favorite songs and first time diners enjoying the surprise of being transported to the 1940s in the early days of Tavern.

Jazz Band NYC - Fleur Seule performed “A Tribute to Peggy Lee” at Birdland Jazz Club this year, that educated and thrilled their audience. The sultry songstress was rarely recognized for her writing contributions, and was not always so sure of herself. In their “Ella Fitzgerald Biography Release” at Birdland, they celebrated the life and music of the First Lady of Swing, with publisher Mies Hora to share the stage, they condensed a full and rich recording career and little known private life into a few short sets.

For a latin flair, the Fleur Seule Latin Big Band has performed at the Rainbow Room, Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola in Jazz at Lincoln Center, and the Django Club in the Roxy Hotel. Their classic salsa, mambo, and cha cha sounds take dancers back in time to hot nights in Havana and beachside escapes to Puerto Rico. Starting in the 1940s when Latin Jazz was invading NYC, up through the Fania Salsa craze of the 1970s, their Latin shows are thrilling.

Wedding Planners know to call Fleur Seule when couples need a jazz band in NYC to host their special day. Fleur Seule Jazz Band in NYC has performed full weddings at the Metropolitan Club, the Museum of the City of New York, the Harvard Club, the Union Club, and many other beautiful, historic venues in and around New York City.

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Photo by    Emily Briggs

Photo by Emily Briggs

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