Vintage Spring Fashion

Spring is just around the corner! I went on a vintaging trip to the East Village in NYC and found some lovely new additions to my wardrobe. Since I lead Fleur Seule Jazz Band in NYC, I need to have an outfit to match the music at all times. I love detailing my attire, with the perfect hat or a little pair of gloves I am ready to work.

Vintage stores in the East Village always have great vintage pieces. As much as I adore the shoes I found, they simply wouldn’t fit. Ladies in the 1940s just didnt’t have large feet! Try as I might, I had to put them back and settle for ordering repro. One of my favorite sources of authentic repro vintage shoes is Remix Shoes.

Since Fleur Seule Jazz Band is an authentic 1940s jazz band in NYC, I always want to look and feel period. But I have to change it up, so I just need to keep shopping and hunting. What a shame!

To hear our jazz band live in New York City, head over to our Calendar Page and find a time that works for you!

Photos by Emily Briggs

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